Our Story

"BAWN is the culmination of my life and I feel I have come back to true calling. I am creating beautiful, luxurious, natural knitwear, inspired by the heritage of Aran knitting and reimagined for today's world." Patricia Duignan




Patricia Duignan founder and designer at BAWN

"I always remember being at ease knitting and loving what I was doing. The click of the needles, the feel of the yarn and the idea of creating something from scratch, one stitch at a time." Patricia Duignan

I am on a journey and it started before I was born. I am here because of my grandmother, my mother and all the wonderful women in my life that helped shape me into the person I am today.

My grandmother and namesake Patricia Duignan known as ‘Patsy’ was a pioneer. In the 1960’s she set up a local enterprise called Sliabh Bawn in Strokestown, Co. Roscommon in the West of Ireland to support farmers wives in the region. She recognised that all these talented women could make money from their crafts, which included rush work, knitting, lace making, Irish crochet, wood turning and so much more.

As a child I spent at least 2 weeks of every summer in grandma’s house and she often brought my sister and I to work with her. I remember sitting in the Sliabh Bawn headquarters surrounded by busy ladies who were making, branding, marketing and selling the Irish craft goods that they produced.

So many years of being exposed to craft and its possibilities has left an indelible mark on me and I am so grateful to have grown up in an environment where it was nurtured and supported. 

Naturally luxurious hand knit cream cable sweater and detailed designer sketch by BAWN

A Precious Gift

To receive a hand knitted garment is a beautiful thing. It’s precious, the time and energy of the maker is knitted into the garments and this is what you feel when you wear it. The garment has an energy of its own, gifted from the knitter. This was known by our Irish ancestors who created the fisherman's Aran jumpers for their loved ones to keep them safe and warm. 

Naturally luxurious hand knit fluffy pink cardigan honouring Irish heritage from BAWN

Heirloom Pieces

They will be heirloom pieces, to love and cherish and pass on to your daughters. They will transcend time and trends to be worn year after year. You will feel loved and cherished when wearing the garments which are naturally cocooning enveloping the wearer with a layer of protection.  

Slow Sustainable Fashion

Bawn garments are made with sustainability as a core part of our beliefs. Hand knitting is the essence of slow and sustainable fashion. Each garment is expertly hand knit by female artisans in their homes with two needles and blended natural luxury yarns. The collections are limited to small volumes making each piece more precious. The natural fibres will go back to the earth at the end of life.